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Bags 10kg each
Pallet 50 Bags per pallet (540kg)

Collected £185.00 inc vat
Delivered £205.00 inc vat
(Within 25 mile radius of DL17,
Contact for delivery cost Outside this area)


1. Burning Megatherm© pure Beech Logs require very little air – they are keen to get going! When ignited reduce the air to ensure a hot slow burn, giving superb heat value without smoke and under 1% ash, (a high quality garden fertilizer). Enjoy the lazy relaxing flames only from Megatherm © Kiln Dried Beech!

2. The energy yield of Megatherm © Beech has been greatly increased by removing surplus moisture to under 18%, by Kiln drying, using heat from waste timber (air seasoned wood can have a moisture content of over 60% producing serious contamination in your stove and flue).

3. The Canadian Department of Energy has tested 17 species of timber from Fir to Oak and has rated Beech as producing over 7 million British thermal units of energy from only 1m³ (cubic metre) of beech (not kiln dried) amongst the highest tested!

4. Unlike oil, coal, peat, gas and waxed based firelogs, etc. firewood is renewable – it can be produced within our lifetime without damaging the environment. By burning waste wood from well managed woodlands (to PEFC standards), we are not depleting the earth’s natural resources. The burning of waste timber as firewood from well managed woodlands is a “carbon neutral” activity, as the amount of carbon dioxide released when wood is burnt is similar to when it rots; it is then reabsorbed by Europe’s growing woodlands, which in turn can be used by future generations.

5. Megatherm © is the only fuel that:
(A): Declares the weight

(B): Declares the type of Timber

(C): Declares the percentage of moisture

A 600kg crate of Megatherm © Kiln Dried Beech Logs has the same heat output as approx 480 litres of (polluting) heating oil. Kiln Dried Beech is good for the planet and your pocket!

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